Detects the high temperature in the exhaust pipe when not enough seawater flows
 Warns acoustically and visually high temperature before the engine does
 Increasing security
Programmable temperature to adapt to all types of engines
 It is installed in the exhaust pipe with the clamp and its built-in sensor
Advantages of this equipment over those that exist in the market:
• Easy assembly without removing any part of the exhaust, the clamp is opened and placed around the tube or elbow and ready.

• Programmable fits any motor
• Test the operation, without having to overheat the engine
• The sensor is not in contact with water and smoke
• Price

Set the maximum exhaust temperature, to adjust the overheating alarm. It is enough to observe
The highest temperature your escape reaches during normal navigation, and then set the alarm
So that it sounds above this
Programming the maximum alarm temperature, when this is exceeded, it will notify acoustically and visually, thus avoiding damage to the motor

• Lack of seawater flow (Boats)
• High temperature in the engine
• 12V or 24 V power
• Connection to elbow or exhaust pipe

• Optional 12v power 24v
• Programmable alarm temperature from 0 to 115 degrees
• Continuous digital temperature monitoring
• Resolution 0.1 degree
• Acoustic alarm exceeding programmed temperature
• Visual alarm with LED on the display
• Optional external buzzer
• Optional external siren
• Mounting: recessed and surface
• Dimensions x P x A = 74x70x34mm
• Temperature sensor with clamp and 2.5 meters of cable (can add up to 100 meters of cable extension of 2×0.75mm minimum diameter

• Available diameters:
• stainless steel clamp 316 continuous from 30 to 310mm
Note: select the working voltage 12 or 24 Volts in the top menu
Example: from 30 to 310 mm, it closes up to 30mm and its maximum diameter 310mm

If you do not know the diameter of the tube, you can measure the circumference around the tube in mm and divide by 3.142
Example: for a circumference of 500 mm

500mm: 3,142 = 159,1mm, it would be within the range between 30 and 310mm

• Complete alarm for installation:
• CPU display with internal buzzer
• Sensor
• 2.5 meter wiring (extendable up to 100 meters with cable 2×0.75mm)
• Installation Manual