Bilge alarm 4 programmable zones wireless

Programmable microprocessor alarm for water entry detection in boats.

Detecting a waterway in time gives you many possibilities to save the boat and preserve the safety of your crew.

Simple connection does not need installation, the sensors work with a battery and do not need cables, and the Display / CPU has 2 positive and negative connections at 12 Volts and an extra output to connect an external acoustic alarm.

Alarm with 4 wireless zones, the sensors work with a 12v A23 battery and the display connects to 12 volts, they have no moving parts so it is difficult for them to break down, it is installed in areas where water can enter, bilge, bottom taps , drains, horn, etc ..

Programmable from the Android App, you can change the name of the zones, maximum 10 Characters, Zone1 for example: stern taps, and so on the other zones, for easy and fast identification.


When connected, it performs an audible alarm test. and begins monitoring the zones.

Every time one of the 4 sensors detects the presence of water, with a delay of 5 seconds to avoid false alarms, it will activate the acoustic alarm inside the display and outside if an acoustic alarm is connected, and the programmed zone will appear (example aft cocks),

This will make it have an immediate response where the entry of water is originating, and so on with the following zones in alarm, they will be shown one after the other.

You can silence the alarm, or reset and start the supervision of all zones again.


CPU / Display: 12 Volts

Sensors: RF. 12v A23 long life battery


CPU / Display: 12x8x3 Cm

Sensors: 6x5x2 Cm

It includes:

4 sensors, batteries are not included

CPU / Display

Installation Manual