Water detector alarm boat

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 Alarm 4 zones waterways for autonomous boats, the detection of a waterway on time, gives many

 possibilities to save the boat and the safety of its crew.

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Alarm waterways for boats 4 zones, the detection of a waterway on time, gives you many possibilities to save the boat and the safety of its crew.

It is located in areas of possible water path as compartments of bottom taps, probes and slides, horn, or in the bilge itself Installation is simple in two minutes, no wiring is required

The sensors work with a battery of 12 volts A 23 durability approximate 2 years
The CPU is placed in the cabin.

When detecting the presence of water an audible alarm will be activated that will be heard in the CPU DISPLAY and also with the external acoustic indicator supplied.


Alarm for bilge 4 zones, each zone can be renamed eg bilge, motor, taps d, etc., once connected it performs the test of acoustic indicators optional telephone module if it is connected.

It indicates how many times per zone it is active, and it can be reset, once it is connected and receives the signal from one of the 4 wireless sensors, it will be activated and the internal and external acoustic signal will also indicate the activated zone, it will be able to silence the signal acoustic and the screen will continue to indicate the area.

And so on, the 4 zones. If you have the optional module GSM203 you will receive a call and a message to the phone with the affected area. command the alarm from your phone from anywhere, activate, deactivate, sms on / off, alarm memory view / delete, etc ..

CPU 2 CABLES 12 Volts
Extra buzzer two cables


acoustic interior 120 db is heard from outside
acoustic extra
Factory reset
Rename zones
5 languages, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian
Optional call and sms module (not supplied) See Module
Mute alarm
Initial test
Telephone test if it has an optional module
4 wireless sensors, without cables
CPU display
It includes:

CPU display
4 wireless water sensors
extra acoustic indicator
Installation manual