Programmable motor temperature alarm

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You can be watching the temperature of your engine continuously but the slightest slip was found with the engine overheated and possibly a costly failure

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You may be observing the temperature of your engine continuously but at the least carelessness you will find the engine overheated
 and possibly with a very expensive breakdown
You do not have to worry anymore about the temperature of your engine, the Seymo control will do it for you,
 warning you with an alarm sound when the temperature exceeds that established by you
Programmable temperature control for motor
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The temperature sensor with its perforated terminal adapts like a low washer of any screw, which is close to the cylinder head or the engine block
You do not need to know the engine temperature specifications to adjust the overheating alarm.
Just observe the highest temperature your engine reaches during normal driving, and then set the alarm to sound above this
Programming of the maximum alarm temperature, when overcoming this, it will warn aquatically and visually, thus avoiding damage to the motor
Example: if the digital display indicates 84 degrees (normal operating temperature of the motor) and we program 85, upon reaching this temperature the alarm will be activated
The cylinder head gasket only needs two temperature rises to melt
acts before doing the motor itself, increasing safety and avoiding very expensive breakdowns
It detects any anomaly in the operation of the motor by temperature
Lack of water cooling
Sleeved sleeves
Defective radiator
Defective thermostat
Oil at inadequate temperature
Failures in the fan
 Lack of seawater flow (Boats)
Connections: 12V or 24 V power
                       the probe to the engine block in any screw
12v optional 24v power
Programmable alarm temperature from 0 to 115 degrees
Continuous digital temperature monitoring
Resolution 0.1 degree
Acoustic alarm exceeding programmed temperature
Visual alarm with LED on the display
Optional external buzzer
Optional external siren
2.5 meter probe cable (can add up to 100 meters of cable extension of 2x0.75mm minimum diameter)
Mounting: recessed and surface
Dimensions.L x P x H = 74x70x34mm
Complete alarm for installation:
CPU display with intermo buzzer
2.5 meter wiring (extendable up to 100 meters with cable 2x0.75mm)
Installation Manual